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Veg in one bed : how to grow an abundance of food in one raised bed, month by month
In just one raised bed, YouTube gardening sensation Huw Richards shows you how to grow vegetables easily, organically, abundantly and inexpensively so you have something to harvest every month of the year. Month by month, discover what you need to do and how to do it. Try it in your allotment, a small garden, or even on a roof terrace. Everything is explained in clear, photographed steps: building your bed, growing from seed, planting, feeding, and harvesting. Huw shows how to guarantee early success by starting off young plants on a windowsill. He suggests what to grow in each part of the bed, and provides alternative vegetables to swap in or out depending on what you like eating. No-dig gardening methods remove most of the back-breaking work, and his tips on sustainable practices will resonate if you are committed to protecting our planet. Veg in One Bed goes beyond the inspiring demonstrations on his YouTube channel Huw's Nursery (HuwsNursery). In this book he organises all his ideas and suggestions into a blueprint for growing your own vegetables month by month. Little growing experience? Only a small space? No matter - with Veg in One Bed, you can still eat food you have grown all through the year.
This book sees that the solution to a number of the problems of contemporary philosophy lies in the development of an alternative to Hume's metaphysics. This alternative would have real causal powers at its centre. This book sets about developing a thorough account of powers that might persuade those who remain, perhaps unknowingly, in the grip of Hume's assumptions. This book shows both that the notion of a power is central and that it could serve to dispel a number of long-standing philosophical problems. This book's account of powers is as realistic as any that has appeared so far, and shows that dispositions are as real as any other properties. Specifically, they do not depend on their manifestations for their existence; nevertheless, they are directed towards such manifestations. The book thus appropriates the notion of intentionality from Brentano and argues that it is the essential characteristic of powers. It offers a persuasive case for the existence of some basic and ungrounded powers, thus ruling out the reducibility of the dispositional to the non-dispositional. However, the book does allow that there are non-power properties as well as power properties. In this respect, the book's final position is dualistic.
The big book of super-villains
Discover how these DC supervillains came to clash with their superhero enemies. Learn about their powers, their weapons, and their very bad behavior.
The expert
Psychologist EVELYN FIELD tells how you can prepare your child for those first few days back at school.
Nujeen : one girl's incredible journey from war-torn Syria in a wheelchair
This book tells the inspiring true story of a remarkable young hero: Nujeen Mustafa, a teenager born with cerebral palsy, whose harrowing journey from war-ravaged Syria to Germany in a wheelchair is a breathtaking tale of fortitude, grit, and hope that lends a face to the greatest humanitarian issue of our time, the Syrian refugee crisis. For millions around the globe, sixteen-year-old Nujeen Mustafa embodies the best of the human spirit. Confined to a wheelchair because of her cerebral palsy and denied formal schooling in Syria because of her illness, Nujeen taught herself English by watching American soap operas. When her small town became the epicenter of the brutal fight between ISIS militants and US-backed Kurdish troops in 2014, she and her family were forced to flee. Despite her physical limitations, Nujeen embarked on the arduous trek to safety and a new life. The grueling sixteen-month odyssey by foot, boat, and bus took her across Turkey and the Mediterranean to Greece, through Macedonia to Serbia and Hungary, and finally, to Germany. Yet, in spite of the tremendous physical hardship she endured, Nujeen's extraordinary optimism never wavered. Refusing to give in to despair or see herself as a passive victim, she kept her head high. As she told a BBC reporter, \"You should fight to get what you want in this world.\"Nujeen's positivity and resolve infuses this unforgettable story of one young woman determined to make a better life for herself. Told by acclaimed British foreign correspondent Christina Lamb, Nujeen is a unique and powerful memoir that gives voice to the Syrian refugee crisis, helping us to understand that the world must change--and offering the inspiration to make that change reality.
Frida Kahlo left her stamp on many
Right around the time that a coffeehouse called Little [Frida Kahlo]'s opened in Los Angeles, I snapped out of it. The posters came down, the homemade altars were dismantled, the tin objects relegated to the garage-sale table, the colorful and ghoulish parade over. What I came to realize was that the cult-like fascination with Frida represented a kind of developmental stage (witness the myriad Frida-related Web sites currently maintained by 20-somethings).
Inch by inch
To keep from being eaten, an inchworm measures a robin's tail, a flamingo's neck, a toucan's beak, a heron's legs, and a nightingale's song.
Balancing globalization and localization
Localization -- the growing economic and political power of cities, provinces, and other subnational groups to decide their own futures -- will be one of the most important new trends in the 21st century. The driving force behind localization in countries from Brazil to the United Kingdom is the demand from provinces, cities, and other subnational groups for greater political voice and autonomy. Whether a country succeeds in the 21st century will depend on how well it manages the sometimes conflicting pressures of globalization and localization. As globalization improves communications, transportation and dismantles trade barriers, it also makes the world smaller. Knowing how other countries are pursuing political change fuels the desire, and provides the means, for other local communities elsewhere to shape their own future. Faced with popular demands for greater self- determination, national governments around the world are under pressure to devolve power to the local level, to cities, to provinces, and other subnational groupings.