Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Organises Second Creative Writing Workshop

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library organised the second workshop in a series of creative writing workshops titled "Idea and Plot," led by the distinguished Emirati writer Nadia Al Najjar. The workshop shed light on fundamental concepts in the world of literature, addressing the definition of a novel as a literary craft that tells a complete story with its details, events, and characters. It also provided an in-depth insight into the concept of the idea in the novel.
During the workshop, Al Najjar explained how the idea can be a crucial starting point for crafting a story that captures the reader's interest, and the role of sources from which writers draw their ideas. She also discussed the concept of plot in the novel, its different forms and types, and how to draw inspiration from ideas and turn them into an engaging plot, in addition to reviewing various techniques for plot construction, starting from the discovery process to detailed planning.
The workshop covered important elements of the plot such as the introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion, emphasising their importance in building the story and attracting the reader's attention.
At the end of the workshop, Al Najjar provided valuable advice on some common mistakes that writers make while writing stories, making the workshop a rich and useful experience for the participants.
Participants praised the quality of the content and the depth of information, expressing their anticipation for participating in more upcoming literary events at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, which supports writing, writers, and literature.
This event is part of a series of creative writing workshops organised by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library monthly. Next month, the third workshop in this series will be presented, with writer Shahd Al Rawi, who will discuss the topic of "Characters" in creative writing.

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Latest News


20 April 2024
The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is set to organise another film night, in cooperation with Cineolio, on Friday, April 26, in the theatre, at 7 PM. The screening will feature a collection of short films that embody diverse cultures and reflect different visions from around the world. The event comes in line with the library’s role as a pioneering cultural hub that seeks to enrich the cultural, intellectual, and creative life in society.
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26 March 2024
In collaboration with the Forum Salon, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library organised a reading session on travel literature as part of its vision and strategy to support the cultural sector, enhance the literary landscape, and support reading clubs. The session witnessed wide participation and engagement from audiences of different ages.
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01 April 2024
With the participation of 20 children and their parents, the Children’s Library at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library hosted an event entitled “Be the Planet’s Hero,” led by the talented child, Reman Abdullah, and under the supervision, support, and management of the Children’s Library officers.
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