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Library Facilities

Library Facilities

Here are some of the facilities that the library offers visitors. If you are looking for information on accessibility features for the library, you will find them here.
Book Return Points

Members can return borrowed books via self-checkout kiosks or smart shelves located on the Ground Floor.


Some libraries have personal computers available to allow visitors to search our collections databases and for members to access their accounts.

Free Wi-Fi

All areas within the library building have free Wi-Fi available for visitors.


These interactive digital directories are located throughout the library.  Browse through all nine levels of the library, or search for a specific library service point.

A unique mapping feature plans out the best route to your desired location so you can navigate the library with ease.

Information Screens

All library floors have information screens available to display information on the libraries or events.

Office Equipment

The library has a range of environmentally friendly copiers, printers and scanners for shared use by visitors. You should ask a member of library staff for details.

Power Sockets

All libraries have a variety of power sockets available for you to charge your electronic devices or plug in laptop computers.

Prayer Rooms

Male and female prayer rooms are located in the basement.


The library has male and female restrooms on each floor of the library with wheelchair access and accessible toilets.


The library has 300 shaded car parking spots available free of charge, including parking spaces reserved for the mobility impaired with wheelchair ramps, plus an outlet for recharging electric cars. We also have parking for bicycles in the main carpark.

Library Facilities