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Reading Spaces

Find the perfect spot to read, research or study. The Mohammed bin Rashid Library has lots of great places to read or study, whether you're doing school homework, academic studies, business research or simply looking for somewhere to read a good book. There are a wide variety of reading and study spaces throughout the Mohammed bin Rashid Library building, so we're sure that you will find just the right place for you or your group.
  • Each of our libraries has spaces for reading, with some offering soft seating and some providing reading tables.
  • You'll find study spaces with desk or tables, power points and shared office equipment in the Business Library, the Emirates Library, the Maps and Atlases Library, the Periodicals Library and the Young Adult Library.
  • You are welcome to use our shared Study Lounges on the Second Floor, which has seating for up to 48 people, including soft seating, chairs and study tables available on a first come, first served basis.
  • We also have six group Study Rooms on the building's Second Floor, with seating and tables for eight people in each. These rooms can be booked in advance by members or used on a first-come, first served basis.
  • We have a variety of different seating and reading areas to suit all needs and personalities.

All our study desks or tables have power points where you can charge a laptop or other electronic device. Multimedia projectors are available in each Study Room, while most libraries provide access to printers and photocopiers. Some spaces may also have computers and scanners available for public use.

Opening Hours

Saturday to Thursday 9AM - 9PM

Friday 2PM - 9PM

Sunday Off

Children below 5 years are not allowed to enter the library

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