Wide Participation in the “Public Speaking Workshop” at Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

In collaboration with Dubai Toastmasters Club, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library organised a public speaking workshop led by training consultant V. P. Menon to enhance the understanding of effective communication and clear presentation. The workshop witnessed wide participation and significant engagement from attendees of various ages and interests.

The workshop focused on a diverse range of essential concepts, including content organisation and speech preparation. Emphasis was placed on structuring speeches in a captivating style to maintain audience interest, alongside providing scripting advice and utilising language effectively for positive impact.

Regarding other elements of public speaking, the trainer highlighted the significance of body language, improving vocal performance, and employing compelling visual aids to reinforce the speech's message, avoiding rigidity, and capturing audience attention. Additionally, tips were provided on crafting effective presentations and using humor intelligently in speeches.

The workshop's significance was manifested in practical exercises that bolstered participants' public speaking skills, leaving them with increased confidence and enhanced communication abilities. As a result, the participants commended Mohammed Bin Rashid Library's pivotal role in enriching the community through numerous events.

The workshop emphasised the vital role of hands-on sessions in empowering practical skills and refining public speaking and communication abilities, particularly in a dynamic and ever-changing professional and social environment.

The public speaking workshop at Mohammed Bin Rashid Library embodies its pioneering vision in empowering youth and providing tools and resources to support individual skill development, contribute to community development, and elevate communication and leadership levels among participants.

Audiences of Mohammed Bin Rashid Library can find further details and information about the workshop programs, seminars, and events held throughout the year, as well as register and attend them for free, through the official website mbrl.ae and by following the library's social media platforms.

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Latest News


20 April 2024
The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is set to organise another film night, in cooperation with Cineolio, on Friday, April 26, in the theatre, at 7 PM. The screening will feature a collection of short films that embody diverse cultures and reflect different visions from around the world. The event comes in line with the library’s role as a pioneering cultural hub that seeks to enrich the cultural, intellectual, and creative life in society.
Mohammed Bin Rashid Library and Cineolio Organise Film Night on April 26
26 March 2024
In collaboration with the Forum Salon, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library organised a reading session on travel literature as part of its vision and strategy to support the cultural sector, enhance the literary landscape, and support reading clubs. The session witnessed wide participation and engagement from audiences of different ages.
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01 April 2024
With the participation of 20 children and their parents, the Children’s Library at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library hosted an event entitled “Be the Planet’s Hero,” led by the talented child, Reman Abdullah, and under the supervision, support, and management of the Children’s Library officers.
Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Organises “Be the Planet’s Hero” Event for Children