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Digital Services - Carousel

Digital Services

Experience the library via our many digital services.

Digital Services

Digital Services

The Mohammed bin Rashid Library offers many digital services for you to access before you visit, during your library visit or at any time via your own digital devices. We also offer a range of exclusive services for our library members to help them make more progress with their reading, studying and use of library facilities, or simply to access more content.
AR Library Guide

You can find out all about the library building and its collections via our augmented reality (AR) library guide. To use the AR guide you will have to borrow one of our iPads from the Visitor Information Desk.

Information Screens

We have information touch screens providing information on our building facilities and library collections in the main Ground Floor lobby area and on each floor of the library building.

Library Mobile App

Our mobile app gives you access to the library via your mobile devices, including general information on the library, a personalised dashboard for members and augmented reality (AR) experiences for use within the library.

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App Store

My Library

All our members have access to a My Library dashboard, which provides them with information on their account and allows them to reserve library books.


The Media & Arts Library on the First Floor provides streaming music, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs and other media files.

Pepper Robots

The library's Pepper customer service robots are available to help visitors answer questions about the library, get directions, read stories to children and provide other timely information.

Reference and Research Databases

The library provides visitors with access to a number of specialised databases for reference and research. Ask for details at the Information Centre on the Ground Floor or Business Library on the Sixth Floor.


Our website not only provides information on our collections, building, news and events, it also allows visitors to search our catalogue and allows members to request to book study rooms, reserve books and view their borrowed books.

Digital Services